Sep 2, 2015

CIA, U.S. special forces launch drone campaign in Syria: report

The CIA and U.S. special forces are carrying out a secret campaign using armed drones to target and kill Islamic State leaders in Syria, The Washington Post reported Tuesday. The clandestine program is separate from America’s wider military operations against Islamic State fighters, the ...

Aug 28, 2015

IAEA says Iran broadly complying with nuclear accords

Iran is broadly complying with agreements on curtailing its nuclear program, the International Atomic Energy Agency reported Thursday in its first update since last month’s deal between Tehran and world powers. It noted concern, however, with an Iranian military site where nuclear weapons work ...

Aug 26, 2015

Iran recruits Afghan refugees as fighters to bolster Syria

The fate of two brothers from Kabul, one grievously wounded, the other killed fighting in Syria, spotlights Iran’s covert but active recruitment of Afghan refugees to buttress President Bashar Assad’s steadily depleting forces. Shiite Iran, Assad’s key military and financial patron, denies enlisting Afghan ...

Iran develops missile with 500-km range

Aug 23, 2015

Iran develops missile with 500-km range

Iran on Saturday unveiled a new surface-to-surface missile that it said could strike targets with pin-point accuracy within a range of 500 km (310 miles), and it said military might is a precondition for peace and effective diplomacy. The defense ministry’s unveiling of the ...

Aug 22, 2015

Iran shows off new, more accurate Fateh-313 surface-to-surface missile

Iran has unveiled a short-range solid fuel ballistic missile, an upgraded version, that the government says can more accurately pinpoint targets. The surface-to-surface Fateh-313, or Conqueror, was put on display Saturday at a ceremony marking Defense Industry Day and attended by President Hassan Rouhani. ...

IS systematically destroying heritage sites, UNESCO chief says

Aug 22, 2015

IS systematically destroying heritage sites, UNESCO chief says

Islamic State extremists in Syria and Iraq are engaged in the “most brutal, systematic” destruction of ancient sites since World War II, the head of the U.N. cultural agency said Friday after militants demolished a monastery with ancient foundations in central Syria. The world’s ...