Sep 23, 2015

Indian typist 'fed up' after image of abuse goes viral

An Indian who became an overnight star when an image of a policeman kicking his typewriter went viral has said he is fed up with all the attention — and just wants to go back to typing letters. The photograph of the officer harassing ...

Sep 21, 2015

Internet growth slows and most people are still offline, U.N. says

Growth in the number of people with access to the Internet is slowing, and more than half the world’s population is still offline, the United Nations Broadband Commission said Monday. Internet access in rich economies is reaching saturation levels, but 90 percent of people ...

IT experts develop apps to maintain safety at Indian festival

Sep 20, 2015

IT experts develop apps to maintain safety at Indian festival

At an ancient Hindu riverside festival, the millions hoping to cleanse themselves of sin are also unwittingly helping to create high-tech solutions in crowd control, disease outbreak and public security. A group of technology innovators has launched a digital information platform at the six-week ...

Sep 20, 2015

U.S. and China in urgent talks on cybersecurity deal

The United States and China have been engaged in urgent negotiations in recent weeks on a cybersecurity deal and may announce an agreement when President Chinese President Xi Jinping arrives in Washington on a state visit on Thursday, the New York Times said on ...

Amazon in new gadget offensive, led by $50 tablet

Sep 18, 2015

Amazon in new gadget offensive, led by $50 tablet

Amazon unveiled a major home electronics push Thursday, led by a $50 tablet computer and other devices aimed at budget-conscious, gadget-hungry consumers. The low-cost, seven-inch (18-centimeter) Fire tablet is part of an upgraded line being launched by the online retail giant, along with updated ...

Sep 16, 2015

Facebook ready to test button that goes beyond 'like'

Facebook may finally be getting a button that lets you quickly express something beyond a “like.” Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg said Tuesday that people have been asking for a “dislike” button on the social media site for years. Speaking at an event at ...