Visual shop search: gimmick or game changer?

Aug 29, 2014

Visual shop search: gimmick or game changer?

Imagine using your phone to snap a photo of the cool pair of sunglasses your friend is wearing and instantly receiving a slew of information about the shades along with a link to order them. It is a great idea, but it doesn’t quite ...

Aug 26, 2014

Wi-Fi connections at three Japanese airports allow snooping of email

Users of free wireless Internet connections at Narita, Kansai and Kobe airports are vulnerable to electronic eavesdropping of their email and Web browsing, according to a study by an information and communications specialist released Tuesday. Such risks can be prevented by encrypting Wi-Fi connections, ...

FBI investigates American backers of Islamic State

Aug 25, 2014

FBI investigates American backers of Islamic State

Officially, the FBI agents who swarmed Donald Ray Morgan at Kennedy Airport this month were there to arrest him on a mundane gun charge. But they whisked him away to their Manhattan office and grilled him for two hours on an entirely different topic: ...

Ice bucket challenge may change nonprofit world

| Aug 23, 2014

Ice bucket challenge may change nonprofit world

The ice bucket challenge’s phenomenal success is making other charitable organizations rethink how they connect with a younger generation of potential donors. Since the ALS Association began tracking the campaign’s progress on July 29, it has raised more than $53.3 million from 1.1 million ...

Aug 23, 2014

U.S. undercover investigators are among 25,000 exposed in data breach

A cyberattack on a firm that performs background checks for U.S. government employees has compromised data on at least 25,000 workers, including some undercover investigators, and that number could rise, officials said on Friday. The breach at U.S. Investigations Services (USIS), based in Falls ...

Aug 14, 2014

Florida man pleads guilty in global toxin shipping scheme

A Florida man has pleaded guilty to making deadly toxins and shipping them to customers across the globe, among them a British woman plotting to kill her mother, a London magistrate, U.S. authorities said on Wednesday. Jesse Korff, 19, of LaBelle, northwest of Miami, ...

Social media firms back Facebook in dispute over warrants

Aug 12, 2014

Social media firms back Facebook in dispute over warrants

Facebook’s fight against prosecutors over nearly 400 search warrants for users’ postings and other data is drawing support from other social media companies and civil libertarians. Lawyers for Foursquare, Kickstarter, Meetup, and Tumblr said Monday they were seeking to join the clash on Facebook’s ...

Aug 9, 2014

McAfee unveils 'BrownList' complaint website at hacker meet

John McAfee, the flamboyant anti-virus software industry pioneer, made a surprise appearance at a computer hackers’ conference Friday evening, where he unveiled a new website to give people a place online to vent their anger. The one-time millionaire who fled the Central American nation ...

Snowden receives three-year Russian residence permit

Aug 8, 2014

Snowden receives three-year Russian residence permit

Former U.S. intelligence contractor Edward Snowden, wanted by the United States for leaking extensive secrets of its electronic surveillance programs, has been given a three-year residence permit by Russia, his Russian lawyer said on Thursday. Moscow’s relations with the West are at Cold War-era ...

Aug 7, 2014

25,000 join Europe class action lawsuit against Facebook

An Austrian waging a battle against Facebook’s privacy policies said Wednesday that 25,000 users of the social networking giant have signed on to his class action lawsuit. The suit, filed by lawyer Max Schrems, claims a symbolic 500 euros ($660) per plaintiff from Facebook ...