/ Dec 8, 2013

Parties agree on necessity for secrets oversight panel

Several political parties Sunday agreed to hold talks to create a parliamentary panel to oversee the government's designations of state secrets. The agreement came after the Diet passed controversial legislation late Friday night to toughen penalties against those leaking information designated as state secrets. Political parties ...

Nov 4, 2013

Preventing information leaks

The three-year statute of limitations has expired on indictments of suspects in the online streaming of terror probe documents. Police made no arrests, but the case spurred a dangerous anti-leaks bill.

Jun 4, 2011

Mr. Kan's tricky promise

What happened Thursday in the Diet — a vote on a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Naoto Kan in the Lower House — will further deepen people's distrust of lawmakers at home and tarnish Japan's image abroad. The motion did lead, however, to Mr. ...