Mar 28, 2017

Indian police arrest five over attack on Africans

Police arrested five men Tuesday after hundreds of angry residents of a north Indian city attacked Africans with sticks and metal chairs following the death of a local teenager from a suspected drug overdose. Around a dozen people were wounded in the violence late ...

Toyota to bring premium brand Lexus to India

/ Mar 27, 2017

Toyota to bring premium brand Lexus to India

Toyota Motor Corp. is bringing its premium Lexus brand to India more than two decades after introducing the marque in China, an acknowledgment of the second-most populous country’s growing potential as a source of luxury demand. Lexus will offer two SUVs and a sedan ...

India hunts hidden cash in corruption blitz

/ Mar 26, 2017

India hunts hidden cash in corruption blitz

Mansions owned by maids, gardeners and drivers until now have aroused little suspicion in India, where the wealthy have long hidden fortunes in the names of lowly paid staff to avoid paying tax. But as the government broadens its crackdown on corruption, a new ...

/ Mar 7, 2017

'Hormonal' women need protecting, Indian minister says

Female students need curfews to protect them from their own “hormonal outbursts,” India’s women’s minister has said, sparking ridicule on social media. Many Indian universities inflict curfews on women while allowing male students freedom to stay out at night, a policy that critics say ...