Aug 19, 2015

Key Hong Kong pro-democracy students charged after Occupy protests

Two key figures in Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement have been charged with illegal assembly almost a year after students stormed government headquarters at the height of huge protests against Chinese rule, one of the activists said on Wednesday. Alex Chow, 25, the former leader ...

Hong Kong's taste for seafood putting oceans in danger

Aug 12, 2015

Hong Kong's taste for seafood putting oceans in danger

A seafood lunch in Hong Kong is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike, but with threatened species on the menu and fishing practices that endanger marine life, campaigners want to change the city’s appetite. Hong Kong is the second-largest consumer of seafood per capita ...

Jul 29, 2015

Students in Hong Kong warn of erosion in academic freedom

Students at Hong Kong’s most prestigious university say its academic freedom is under attack in what they maintain is the politically motivated stalling of the appointment of an administrator who supported last year’s pro-democracy protests. In their most confrontational demonstration on campus, about 100 ...

Disillusioned Hong Kong youths eye separatism

Jul 17, 2015

Disillusioned Hong Kong youths eye separatism


On a recent Sunday night in the working-class Hong Kong district of Mong Kok, a group of radical young activists swore through loudspeakers and gestured rudely as they denounced mainland Chinese as “prostitutes” and “barbarians.” The youngsters are members of a new front that ...

Jun 18, 2015

Hong Kong vetoes China-backed electoral reform proposal

Hong Kong’s legislature on Thursday vetoed a China-vetted electoral reform package that had been criticized by opposition prodemocracy lawmakers and activists as undemocratic, potentially easing the prospect of fresh mass protests. The vote came earlier than expected, with only 37 of the legislature’s 70 ...

Hong Kong on high alert as new democracy showdown looms

Jun 16, 2015

Hong Kong on high alert as new democracy showdown looms

Hong Kong’s leader warned Tuesday that violence will not be tolerated, a day after authorities arrested 10 people and seized suspected explosives ahead of a crucial vote on a China-backed electoral reform package this week. Security has been stepped up across the Chinese-ruled city, ...