Mar 12, 2015

China to 'refresh' policy on visitors to Hong Kong

The Chinese government will “refresh” its policy on granting entry permits to its citizens wishing to visit the separately administered territory of Hong Kong, a state-run paper said Thursday, amid mounting anger at hordes of mainland shoppers. “We are talking with the Hong Kong ...

Mar 5, 2015

Japanese linked to North Korean shipper under U.N. sanctions

A Hong Kong-based company headed by a Japanese man is believed to have been among the foreign business partners of a North Korean shipping firm under U.N. sanctions, a U.N. report said Wednesday. The man also serves as chief executive of a separate company ...

Hong Kong fund buys Osaka's Kuidaore building

Mar 3, 2015

Hong Kong fund buys Osaka's Kuidaore building

A Hong Kong-based investment fund said Monday it has bought a commercial building in Osaka’s downtown Dotonbori district and hopes to place it on the tourist trail for Asian visitors. The building has a fun and locally famous gimmick: Kuidaore Taro, a bespectacled mechanical ...

Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over pro-democracy protests

Mar 2, 2015

Hong Kong lawmakers arrested over pro-democracy protests

Hong Kong prodemocracy lawmakers were arrested and then released Monday over their involvement in mass protests for free elections, the latest step in a widespread investigation that has been accused of seeking to intimidate activists. Police have vowed to investigate the “principal instigators” of ...

Feb 27, 2015

Empire of petty shopkeepers

by Kevin Rafferty

It is clear that British Prime Minister David Cameron as well as many leading lights of the government coalition do not believe in the EU, yet they do not have a strategy for a British exit without penalties.