Dec 9, 2014

Qantas to launch new Tokyo-Sydney flights next July

Qantas Airways Ltd. said Tuesday it will launch new direct flights between Sydney and Tokyo’s Haneda airport as part of its expansion of services into Japan. The new daily round-trip flight service, whose first flight will depart from Sydney on July 31, will be ...

Aug 20, 2014

Haneda monorail to extend to Tokyo Station

Tokyo Monorail Co. plans to extend its monorail line between Tokyo International Airport at Haneda and East Japan Railway Co.’s Hamamatsucho Station to Tokyo Station, informed sources said on Wednesday. The ¥109.5-billion project to connect the monorail line to the terminal station for Shinkansen ...

Rail extension proposed to boost Haneda airport accessibility

Jul 28, 2014

Rail extension proposed to boost Haneda airport accessibility

The transport ministry is considering building a rail line to connect two stations owned by different private railways to improve accessibility to Tokyo’s Haneda airport before the 2020 Olympics. In response, Ota Ward, where the envisaged line would be built, has proposed extending Tokyu ...

79,000-slot expansion possible at Haneda, Narita airports

Jun 7, 2014

79,000-slot expansion possible at Haneda, Narita airports

A transport ministry panel said Friday that it is possible to increase the total annual number of arrival and departure slots at two international airports in the Tokyo area by up to 79,000 to add extra capacity for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The current ...

Jun 3, 2014

New Haneda slots created a glut, JAL chief says

Japan Airlines Co. said the release of new operating slots at Tokyo’s Haneda airport has created a capacity glut likely to persist for another 18 months, weighing on average fares and earnings. “There was a large increase in the supply, and demand has not ...

Apr 3, 2014

Tokyo police launch counterterror unit at Haneda Airport

Tokyo police launched an counterterrorism unit Thursday to deal with potential hijackings and other attacks at Tokyo International Airport in Haneda. The Metropolitan Police Department tightened security after the airport expanded its international flights by about 50 percent last month to about 90,000 per ...

Haneda Airport expands international flights

Mar 30, 2014

Haneda Airport expands international flights

Takeoff and landing slots for international flights jumped by 50 percent at Tokyo’s Haneda airport on Sunday. The move made about 80 international flights available at Tokyo International Airport per day, up 50 percent, boosting convenience for businesspeople and tourists seeking immediate access to ...