Sep 29, 2016

Gunma man admits to lying about France video game contest win

A 23-year-old employee of the city of Ota, Gunma Prefecture, lied that he had won an international video game contest, leading to false reports about his victory in two Japanese newspapers, it has been learned. On Wednesday, the major daily Asahi Shimbun and Jomo ...

Black belt recounts battle with black bear in Gunma

Sep 3, 2016

Black belt recounts battle with black bear in Gunma

The black bear that jumped a 63-year-old karate expert in Gunma Prefecture attacked so quickly there was no time to act, its would-be victim said. Atsushi Aoki of Naganohara was fishing on the Jizo River on Thursday when what appeared to be an Asian ...

| Aug 27, 2016

Bears encroach on blurred human boundaries


It is puzzling that the black bears have become aggressive recently, given their previous inclination to retreat when confronted by humans. My theory is that winters are shorter and that means shorter hibernations and more active time spent consuming dwindling supplies of food. They ...