Jul 2, 2014

Google acquiring startup Songza to bolster music services

Google Inc. is buying startup Songza Media Inc., bolstering its music services as it tries to draw users away from rival Apple Inc. Google has no immediate plans to change the song service, which selects tunes for listeners based on a person’s activities and ...

Google's Glass takes fans nearer to action

Jul 1, 2014

Google's Glass takes fans nearer to action

Your favorite team is playing for the title, and you are in the middle of the field. Google Glass is slowly becoming more common in sports as teams and broadcasters try to bring fans closer to the action. The American football team Philadelphia Eagles ...

Google Android software spreads beyond smartphones

Jun 26, 2014

Google Android software spreads beyond smartphones

Google said Wednesday it would bring cars, watches and televisions into its Android empire. The technology titan laid out a sweeping vision for the operating system at the opening of a sold-out developers conference, in a keynote presentation streamed online to millions of people ...

Jun 21, 2014

Microsoft, Google OK 'kill switch' for phones

As as part of an agreement with mayors and police agencies, Google and Microsoft said Friday they plan to join Apple in offering theft-deterring “kill switches” in their smartphone operating systems. The companies confirmed the commitment, which was noted in a report Thursday by ...

Jun 5, 2014

Forget self-driving cars, make me a cyborg

by Noah Smith

A finance professor and sci-fi fan thinks that the next big technology is "cyborg technology" but that the press is ignoring it. It will include a number of health care technologies involving the integration of living tissue with engineered machinery.

Jun 1, 2014

New phone app to nab crooks with 'thefties'

Mobile security startup Lookout is hoping to turn smartphones and tablets against gadget thieves with a new feature that — when possible — will snap a picture of the culprit. A new theft alert function that has been added to Lookout’s premium service for ...

May 31, 2014

Privacy ruling by EU puts ISPs in pickle

Google and other Internet companies find themselves in a quandary over how to strike a balance between privacy and freedom of information as the world’s top search engine took a first step toward upholding an EU privacy ruling. Google moved overnight Thursday to put ...

Thailand's junta bans all anti-coup protests

May 30, 2014

Thailand's junta bans all anti-coup protests

More than 1,000 Thai troops and police sealed off one of Bangkok’s busiest intersections Thursday to prevent a planned protest, as authorities said they would no longer allow any demonstrations against last week’s military coup. Truckloads of soldiers blocked all incoming roads to the ...

May 20, 2014

Why censoring search engines is a good idea

by Ted Rall

The European Court of Justice deserves praise for ruling recently that a Spanish national should not suffer shame or embarrassment for his former financial difficulties every time an acquaintance or potential employer types his name into a brower.