German criminal probe examines Merkel phone tapping

Jun 5, 2014

German criminal probe examines Merkel phone tapping

Germany’s federal prosecutors said Wednesday they had opened an investigation over alleged snooping on Chancellor Angela Merkel’s mobile phone by the U.S. National Security Agency. The long-anticipated probe, which follows an explosive allegation last year that U.S. spies had eavesdropped on Merkel’s mobile phone ...

May 27, 2014

Growing number of Germans opting for 'homemade' electricity

Klaus Meier lists three reasons for generating his own electricity in his family hotel in Germany’s southern city of Freiburg: “cost savings, energy efficiency, climate protection.” Like a growing number of German small businesses, homeowners, schools, hospitals and industrial plants, Meier has opted for ...

More opting to ditch U.S. citizenship

Apr 27, 2014

More opting to ditch U.S. citizenship

by Adam Geller

Inside the long-awaited package, six pages of government paperwork dryly affirmed Carol Tapanila’s anxious request. But when Tapanila slipped the contents from the brown envelope, she saw there was something more. Her U.S. passport now had four holes punched through it from cover to ...

Dresden cashes in on German unification

Apr 19, 2014

Dresden cashes in on German unification

by Michael Roddy

American novelist Kurt Vonnegut, a prisoner of war in Dresden during World War II, has a scene in “Slaughterhouse Five” where time-traveling hero Billy Pilgrim sees the city’s firebombing in reverse, with phosphorous bombs sucked back into warplanes. Today, visitors to the German city ...

Apr 14, 2014

German space research center hit by cyber-espionage

The German Aerospace Center says it was the target of a suspected espionage attack for several months. The research center on Monday confirmed a report by German magazine Der Spiegel and said it had asked the national cyberdefense center to investigate the attack. A ...