Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA

Jun 3, 2016

Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA

Scientists proposed a long-term project Thursday that involves creating DNA blueprints for making human beings, a prospect some observers find troubling. The researchers said they have no intention of using these genomes — huge collections of genetic material — to make people. Instead, they ...

May 12, 2016

Study links genes to level of education

Scientists said Wednesday they had identified 74 genes that partially determine how far someone gets in school, depending on which variant of those genes a person possesses. Compared to environmental factors such as diet, family circumstances and opportunity, this hard-wiring has only a meager ...

Apr 14, 2016

Human cloning with Chinese characteristics

China’s top geneticists say the country should set its own standards and regulations on human genome research, state-run media reported Wednesday, as ethical debate erupted over a Chinese study on modified human embryos. Researchers from Guangzhou Medical University said they used a gene-editing technique ...