/ Mar 10, 2017

Short, white men more likely to go bald: study

Add enhanced risk of premature balding to the list of illnesses and indignities faced by diminutive men of European descent, according to a new study. “It seems that men with a relatively shorter body height have a higher chance of losing their hair,” said ...

Scientists sniff out answer to 'asparagus pee' mystery

/ Dec 15, 2016

Scientists sniff out answer to 'asparagus pee' mystery

Scientists have sniffed out the reason why some people think their pee has a pungent, disagreeable smell after eating asparagus while others do not — it is due to their genes. French novelist Marcel Proust once fancifully described the smell as “transforming my humble ...

Sep 26, 2016

Human genome editing

Given the potential benefits and risks of genome editing, the government should develop strict rules to regulate the technique.