Sep 9, 2014

Sex change plaintiff wins damages over golf course snub

A businesswoman in Shizuoka Prefecture who changed her registered sex from male to female due to gender identity disorder has won a damages suit with a golf course operator that refused her membership based on the sex change. The Hamamatsu branch of the Shizuoka ...

Jun 21, 2014

Struggling with gender identity

The education ministry's first-ever survey on gender identity disorder reports a minimum of 606 children across the country who deserve, and greatly need, attention and care.

NHK discusses gender with a fresh openness

| Jun 23, 2013

NHK discusses gender with a fresh openness


Two weeks ago, the nightly series “Heart Net TV,” which is broadcast on NHK’s educational channel, repeated a program about a 35-year-old Japanese man who married a 70-year-old Dutch man in the Netherlands. The series dedicates several programs a month to sexual minorities, and ...