Sep 9, 2014

Fueling drug gangs' impunity, unidentified corpses pile up in Mexico

In Mexico’s blood-soaked northern state of Sinaloa, a simple gravestone adorned with pink, blue and yellow plastic flowers marks the tomb of 42-year-old assistant carpenter Carlos Montano. But Montano is alive and well in the city of Tijuana, hundreds of miles away near the ...

Jul 10, 2014

Europe tightens curbs on organ trafficking

The Council of Europe adopted a new international convention on Wednesday making organ trafficking a criminal offense, giving the police greater scope to hunt mafia groups involved in cross-border trade. The new convention calls on governments to make it illegal for donors to be ...

Jun 28, 2014

Mexican chopper 'fired on U.S. agents'

Mexican law enforcement officers on Thursday crossed into Arizona by helicopter and fired two shots at U.S. border agents, a border patrol union leader said. Mexican authorities, however, have denied shooting at agents and say they were under attack during a mission to find ...

Liquid meth pours into California

Jun 15, 2014

Liquid meth pours into California

In methamphetamine’s seedy underworld, traffickers are disguising the drug as a liquid to smuggle it into the United States from Mexico. Dissolved in a solution, it’s sealed in tequila bottles or plastic detergent containers to fool border agents and traffic officers. Once deep in ...

May 20, 2014

Asia meth demand soars; Japan top market

Asia’s robust economy and strong demand for drugs drove global production and trafficking of methamphetamine to record levels last year, with Japan one of the most lucrative markets, the United Nations says.

Uruguay rule-signing launches nation's marijuana market

May 7, 2014

Uruguay rule-signing launches nation's marijuana market

President Jose Mujica signed the long-awaited rules for Uruguay’s legal pot marketplace Tuesday, launching a rollout that should stock pharmacies with government-approved marijuana cigarettes for sale by year’s end. Opinion polls suggest most Uruguayans are against the pot plan, but Mujica said in an ...

Report shows Sharpton was FBI mafia informant

Apr 9, 2014

Report shows Sharpton was FBI mafia informant

The Rev. Al Sharpton admitted Tuesday that he helped the FBI investigate New York Mafia figures in the 1980s, but called it old news and insisted he was more a victim than an informant. Sharpton sought to downplay a report by The Smoking Gun ...