Trade deficit soars on fuel import costs

/ Dec 18, 2013

Trade deficit soars on fuel import costs

The trade deficit ballooned 35 percent last month compared with a year ago, the biggest November deficit on record, as fuel imports soared following the 2011 nuclear catastrophe, the government said Wednesday. The run of 17 straight months of deficits is the longest since comparative ...

/ Jan 12, 2011

Take a new tack on Iran

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WASHINGTON — Throughout 2010, the pattern for negotiations over Iran's nuclear program held to form. With just about every diplomatic effort failing to yield results, international efforts had increasingly given way to discussions about sanctions — and what mix of them would be needed ...

/ Sep 8, 2008

Russia must change course

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Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, it has seemed that new rules were being established for the conduct of international relations in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The watchwords were independence and interdependence; sovereignty and mutual responsibility; cooperation and common interests. ...