Apr 16, 2014

Forced labor suits target Mitsubishi

Relatives of deceased Chinese who were pressed into service during the war for the now-defunct Mitsubishi Mining Co., a predecessor to Mitsubishi Materials Corp., filed a lawsuit Tuesday against two Mitsubishi Group affiliates in China for damages totaling 700 million yuan. The suit, filed ...

Chinese court rejects damages suit over forced wartime labor

Mar 8, 2014

Chinese court rejects damages suit over forced wartime labor

A regional court in northeastern China has rejected a lawsuit filed against the Japanese government and two Japanese companies by a group of Chinese demanding damages for forced labor during World War II, an informed source said Friday. The group of 12, comprising former ...

Feb 27, 2014

South Koreans sue MHI over war labor

Another group of South Korean women who were forcibly conscripted as laborers to work in a wartime factory in Nagoya run by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. files suit against the company.

MHI maintains wartime reparations issue settled

Dec 16, 2013

MHI maintains wartime reparations issue settled

The president of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. said the company will maintain its stance that wartime compensation issues related to Korean workers forcibly conscripted as laborers have already been settled. “We will continue to maintain our claim is right,” even if South Korea’s Supreme ...

Nov 25, 2013

Forced labor rulings may spur ICJ suit, Seoul told

Japan has warned South Korea that it may file a suit with the International Court of Justice if court rulings ordering Japanese firms to pay compensation to Koreans for forced labor during the war become final, Japanese officials said Monday. The Foreign Ministry has ...

Nov 12, 2013

Another thorn in Tokyo-Seoul ties

Tokyo and Seoul must try to find ways to prevent recent Korean court rulings ordering Japanese companies to compensate former Korean laborers from straining bilateral relations further.