Oct 18, 2013

More Fukushima fishermen start trial operations

Another group of Fukushima Prefecture fishermen restarted operations on a trial basis Friday for the first time since the nuclear plant disaster began in March 2011. The move by a fisheries cooperative based in the prefecture’s southern district of Iwaki came after the Soma ...

From Osaka to remote island life

Oct 16, 2013

From Osaka to remote island life

by Satoshi Fujiwara

Seeking to reverse the exodus of young people to big cities, fishing industry operators on remote Nishinoshima in the Sea of Japan have waged a long-running campaign with the local town office to attract new talent to the area. The island’s fisheries union branch, ...

Jun 24, 2013

Migratory birds starving to death

At the Maine Coastal Islands National Wildlife Refuge, the tiny bodies of Arctic tern chicks have piled up. Over the past few years, biologists have counted thousands that starved to death because the herring their parents feed them have vanished. Puffins are also having ...

Jun 18, 2013

U.S. shad catch limited in bid to restore stocks

If things were this bad in the late 1770s, George Washington’s starving Continental Army might never have made it out of Valley Forge. The shad, according to one account, came charging up the Schuylkill River to spawn, and ran headlong into soldiers who leapt ...

Jun 9, 2013

Japan to oppose fishing subsidies ban in TPP trade negotiations

Tokyo plans to oppose a U.S.-proposed ban on fishing subsidies in the Trans-Pacific Partnership free-trade talks that Japan will join from July, due to the numerous adverse effects it might have on the nation’s fishing industry, government sources said Saturday. If the interdiction is ...

Eels slide toward disaster as global stocks dwindle

May 21, 2013

Eels slide toward disaster as global stocks dwindle

Cupping a tiny, translucent eel in the palm of his hand, New York environmental researcher Chris Bowser shook his head in amazement. “This is worth about $1,” he said. As they do every spring, baby eels — with big black eyes at the end ...

Philippines rejects Taiwan's allegations of murder

May 19, 2013

Philippines rejects Taiwan's allegations of murder

The Philippines on Saturday rejected Taiwan’s allegations that its coast guard had intentionally murdered a Taiwanese fisherman whose death has triggered a major diplomatic spat. Hong Shi-cheng, a 65-year-old fisherman, was shot dead by the Philippine Coast Guard, who said his vessel intruded into ...