/ Jun 27, 2015

Chinese companies with no heir apparent


Wang Jianlin, chairman of Dalian Wanda Group and China’s richest man, has just one child, 27-year-old Wang Sicong. That would seem to make the question of succession at the privately held Wanda a simple matter. The problem is, the younger Wang — a notorious ...

/ Apr 30, 2015

China rhetoric emboldens business critics


Private entrepreneurs in China are voicing unprecedented criticism of government, encouraged by policies and rhetoric from Beijing emphasizing support for the most productive sectors of the economy. In the past two weeks, Premier Li Keqiang has exhorted Chinese banks to cut their fees and ...

Apr 29, 2015

Swedish Embassy honors entrepreneurs

Six entrepreneurs — four Japanese and one each from Hong Kong and the United States — were given awards for their innovative achievements in a ceremony at the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo this week. At the fifth annual ceremony held Monday, six special prizes ...

Seminars on launching startups gain traction

Mar 6, 2015

Seminars on launching startups gain traction


Defying data showing a disappointingly low level of entrepreneurship in Japan, seminars aimed at fostering people who start their own firms are proving popular. The events have drawn attention from government officials, academics and corporate executives eager to spark entrepreneurship as Prime Minister Shinzo ...

Jan 7, 2015

Japanese space tourist training for spot on ISS

A Japanese entrepreneur plans to train as a cosmonaut in Russia for a possible mission to the International Space Station. Space tourist Satoshi Takamatsu will fly in the event that another tourist cannot make it: British singer Sarah Brightman. Takamatsu, 51, is president of ...