Hitachi develops technology to use bamboo as fuel

/ Mar 9, 2017

Hitachi develops technology to use bamboo as fuel

Hitachi Ltd. said Thursday it has developed a technology to utilize bamboo as fuel for boilers and biomass power generation. The new technology is expected to address a situation in which unused bamboo forests have been increasing due to decreased bamboo demand, a problem ...

/ Mar 4, 2017

Tepco, Chubu to fully integrate thermal power businesses

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc. and Chubu Electric Power Co. have decided to fully integrate their thermal power operations in two or three years, sources said Friday. The operations, which account for half of Japan’s total thermal power capacity, will be brought under ...

Feb 16, 2017

Ukraine declares state of emergency over energy

Ukraine on Wednesday announced a state of emergency for its energy sector that could result in rolling blackouts as officials try to sharply curtail electricity use by consumers. The decision was made at a Cabinet meeting to work out a response to a two-week ...