Jul 21, 2015

South Korea tourism struggles to recover from MERS outbreak

The recent outbreak of the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) virus in South Korea has left the country’s tourist industry in intensive care, with visitor numbers plunging more than 40 percent in June, according to data released Tuesday. As the country scrambles to ...

Jul 16, 2015

Johnny Depp's wife charged with sneaking dogs into Australia

Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, has been charged with illegally bringing the couple’s dogs to Australia — an incident that captured global attention after the nation’s agriculture minister angrily ordered the pooches to get out of the country or face death. Heard was charged ...

Jul 16, 2015

Study claims stem cell advance for mitochondrial disease

Scientists said Wednesday they had taken a key step toward stem cell therapy for rare mitochondrial disorders, passed on from mother to child. They “corrected” harmful mitochondria in skin cells taken from patients to create healthy, pluripotent stem cells — versatile cells that can ...

Jul 4, 2015

MERS cases keep coming from Samsung hospital

Another doctor at a major hospital that has been the epicenter of MERS outbreak in Seoul has contracted the deadly virus, the government said Saturday. The 25-year-old female doctor at Samsung Medical Center has become the 185th person infected with the virus in South ...

Jun 30, 2015

South Korea reports third day without new MERS case

South Korea said Tuesday it had gone three days without any new cases of the deadly Middle East respiratory syndrome virus, in a welcome boost to efforts to tackle the largest outbreak outside Saudi Arabia. The news came as the health ministry said an ...

Jun 29, 2015

Guarding against MERS

Government officials and ordinary citizens alike must take sufficient precautions to ensure a MERS outbreak does not take place in Japan.