Sep 17, 2015

Malaria deaths fall 60 percent since 2000: UN

Malaria deaths worldwide have fallen by 60 percent since 2000, the U.N. said Thursday, with improved diagnostic tests and the massive distribution of mosquito nets aiding dramatic progress against the disease. Fifteen years ago, an estimated 262 million malaria cases killed nearly 840,000 people. ...

Sep 11, 2015

Salt, sex and booze: Lifestyle killers on the rise

The number of people worldwide whose deaths were tied to avoidable health risks like high blood pressure and smoking has shot up by almost 23 percent since 1990, researchers said Friday. According to results published in British journal The Lancet, scientists concluded that a ...

Sep 10, 2015

California to become sixth U.S. state to allow euthanasia

California is set to become the sixth American state to approve euthanasia, a controversial issue in the United States fueled by the recent suicide of a woman suffering from terminal cancer. “This is a historic step forward for Californians with terminal illnesses who have ...

Sep 5, 2015

The need for a high-level bio-lab

It's a positive move that Japan is authorizing its first facility to handle the deadliest pathogens, but the needs and concerns of the surrounding community must always be kept uppermost in mind.

'Flesh-eating disease' cases on rise in Japan

Sep 3, 2015

'Flesh-eating disease' cases on rise in Japan


The number of patients nationwide who contracted streptococcol toxic-shock syndrome (STSS) — a deadly condition popularly known as “flesh-eating disease” — reached 291 by Aug. 23, a record high, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases said Thursday. The infection, which is fatal in almost ...