Jan 25, 2014

F-35 missile work eyed with Britain

The Defense Ministry may partner up with Britain to jointly develop missiles for the F-35 stealth fighter, sources said. The collaboration would be the second enabled by the 2011 easing of Japan’s arms export ban after a deal on developing suits to protect against ...

Oct 29, 2013

Japan destroys 34,300 secret defense documents

The Defense Ministry destroyed around 34,300 secret documents during the five years through 2011, ministry spokesman Masayoshi Tatsumi said. The ministry is expected to face criticism from opposition parties before the start of Diet discussions on a state secrets protection bill aimed at strengthening ...

Oct 15, 2013

Maintain civilian control over SDF

The Defense Ministry's proposal to restructure itself for the sake of more efficient Self-Defense Force operations runs the risk of weakening, ultimately, civilian control of the SDF.

Sep 19, 2013

Surveillance facility eyed for Pacific

The Defense Ministry plans to build a communications intelligence facility on Iwoto Island in the Pacific to improve its ability to conduct surveillance on China and its growing military presence, a government source said Thursday. The ministry’s budget request for next fiscal year includes ...

Aug 2, 2013

Defense plan would raise tensions

An interim outline of Japan's new defense policy points suspiciously toward deviations from the country's postwar defense-only posture that has won it friends.

Jun 21, 2013

Japan plans joint forces commander under joint staff chief

The Defense Ministry plans to create a new post of joint forces commander just under the joint staff chief for the Self-Defense Forces, ministry sources said Thursday. The joint commander will take over SDF command duties from the joint staff chief who has become ...

Apr 5, 2013

Funds gripe snags SDF isle defense deployment

by Mizuho Aoki

The Defense Ministry may have to abandon a plan to station a Ground Self-Defense Force coastal monitoring unit on Okinawa’s Yonaguni Island because negotiations with the town over the price of land have deadlocked. “If the current situation continues, we have no choice but ...