Nikon to fix camera flaws cited by China

Mar 17, 2014

Nikon to fix camera flaws cited by China

Nikon Corp. said it will fix digital cameras at no charge after claims on Chinese state-run television that product defects caused “black spots” on photographs. The camera maker will service its D600 digital cameras even after warranties expire, spokesman Ryota Satake said after China ...

Feb 3, 2014

Defect-hit Mitsubishi Estate halts sale

Mitsubishi Estate Co., the nation’s biggest developer by market value, said it is halting the sale of units in a residential building in central Tokyo because of defects. The building in the upscale Aoyama neighborhood was found to require some construction repairs, including to ...

Jan 21, 2014

JR Hokkaido punishes 75 employees over track data falsification

Hokkaido Railway Co. on Tuesday announced punitive measures for 75 employees over the failure to fix track defects and falsification of track maintenance data. The punishment, which includes three-month pay cuts for JR Hokkaido’s chairman and president as well as dismissal of five employees, ...