College campuses studying on borrowed time

Apr 25, 2015

College campuses studying on borrowed time


University students are taking out massive loans to pay for their tertiary education and generally end up facing a crippling repayment timetable that is impossible to service. We examine the alarming state of student debt and what is being done to improve conditions for ...

Feb 13, 2015

Negative savings rates loom

The first-ever annual drop in Japan's household savings rate into negative territory might have been the result of people's rush to buy goods before the consumption tax hike last April. Yet, the long-term downtrend in the savings rate is forecast to continue.

Feb 3, 2015

Diet enacts extra budget to boost domestic demand

The Diet has enacted a ¥3.12 trillion extra budget for fiscal 2014 to fund an economic stimulus package aimed at boosting domestic demand aggravated by last year’s consumption tax hike and the yen’s plunge. The supplemental budget was approved Tuesday evening in the Upper ...