Jun 10, 2016

Deep-sea robot ready to search off Crete for EgyptAir jetliner

A vessel with an underwater robot arrived in Egypt on Thursday and is set to begin searching the Mediterranean for the wreck of the EgyptAir plane that crashed last month, authorities said. The John Lethbridge research vessel, which Egypt has hired from the Deep ...

/ Jun 7, 2016

31 survivors of shipwreck off Crete arrive in Egypt

Thirty-one migrants who survived when their boat sank off Crete last week arrived in Egypt on Monday along with the bodies of nine people who died, police told AFP. Two helicopters, three ships and a coast guard vessel scrambled after the makeshift boat sank ...

For 700 migrants, harrowing sail ends in Greece

Nov 28, 2014

For 700 migrants, harrowing sail ends in Greece

Hour after hour, the coast guard boats shuttled from the crippled freighter to a concrete pier, discharging a steady flow of humanity: Families with small children, black-clad elderly women, battered-looking youths with backpacks. For more than 700 migrants, most of them fleeing the conflict ...