Fukushima disabled are crafting hit products

Mar 21, 2014

Fukushima disabled are crafting hit products

by Makoto Sekiya

People with disabilities living in Fukushima Prefecture are doing their best to promote the area by making craft goods that are proving popular both at home and overseas. Before the 2011 disasters and subsequent nuclear crisis at the Fukushima No. 1 power plant, a ...

'Hina Dolls of  the Mitsui Family'

Feb 5, 2014

'Hina Dolls of the Mitsui Family'

by Hanna Lange

In Japan, girls are traditionally given hina doll sets, which are put on display throughout the Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Festival) season in March each year. Usually, each girl of the family will receive her own set, which she keeps throughout her life. This exhibition displays ...

A crafty idea for gift shopping

Dec 12, 2013

A crafty idea for gift shopping

by Magdalena Osumi

It is likely that at least once in our lifetimes we will receive a mundane or unsuitable Christmas gift. But at some point, we’ve also probably been the worst gift giver ourselves. The nearer Christmas gets, the more we panic and the more a ...

Sep 19, 2013

Green festival to push 'stylish' conservation

by Jordan Sievers

Recycling doesn’t have to be unfashionable. In fact, the Tokai Eco Festa in Nagakute, Aichi, places emphasis on the theme of “eco-stye,” a continuing trend where fashion combines with environmental awareness. Patrons can visit more than 130 booths that feature clothes, art and handmade ...

Sophistication is duo's craft

Sep 12, 2013

Sophistication is duo's craft

by Satoru Teshima

While the phrase “Cool Japan” seems to only get used for things that are kawaii (cute) and technologically forward, people tend to overlook the cool in handcrafted products. On Sept. 15, the self-described design and sewing duo 38_works will present the 22nd edition of ...