Feb 11, 2015

Malaysia stifles dissent over Anwar's jailing

Malaysian police have detained a cartoonist and are investigating two lawmakers for sedition over tweets and a cartoon condemning the judiciary for dismissing opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim’s final appeal against a sodomy conviction. Anwar began a 5-year jail sentence Tuesday after the country’s top ...

Feb 10, 2015

Croatian court bans dog from barking at night

Medo is in trouble for doing what all dogs do: barking. A fed up neighbor in a northern Croatian village has won a temporary court order that says Medo must stop barking at night. If not, owner Anton Simunovic must pay some €2,800 ($3,160). ...

Feb 7, 2015

Upskirt photos of teen ruled legal in Oregon

A judge has ruled that a 61-year-old Oregon man did nothing illegal when he crouched in a store aisle and snapped photos up a 13-year-old’s skirt. It was lewd and appalling but not outlawed, Judge Eric Butterfield said. “From a legal point of view, ...

Canada's top court allows doctor-assisted suicide

Feb 7, 2015

Canada's top court allows doctor-assisted suicide

Canada’s supreme court on Friday unanimously struck down a ban on doctor-assisted suicide for mentally competent adults suffering from incurable diseases, reversing a decision on the books since 1993. The ruling was, however, suspended for one year to allow lawmakers an opportunity to enact ...

Call girls help close business deals

Feb 6, 2015

Call girls help close business deals

The trial of former French presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn and several businessmen on pimping charges has shone a light on the world of high-end prostitution in which sex is often used to sweeten business deals. “I was considered a VIP and offered as a ...

Feb 2, 2015

Two China cult members executed for McDonald's murder

A father and daughter in China have been executed for beating to death a woman in a McDonald’s outlet, a Chinese court said Monday. The victim had refused their advances to join their cult. Zhang Fan and her father, Zhang Lidong, were executed after ...