Sep 19, 2014

Child abuse and neglect killed 51 children in 2012

Fifty-one children and babies died as a result of physical abuse or neglect in Japan in fiscal 2012, the health ministry said Friday. Eleven were newborns abandoned to die within a day of their birth, the government data showed, and nearly half of the ...

Fukushima hotline gets record calls

| Jun 15, 2014

Fukushima hotline gets record calls

A suicide-prevention hotline in Fukushima Prefecture received a record 18,194 calls in 2013, signaling that scars from the events of March 2011 still weigh heavily on residents’ minds. Counselors at the hotline, Fukushima Inochi no Denwa, say consultations related to the triple disaster still ...

Aug 31, 2013

Unanswered calls from children

Seventy-five percent of calls made to telephone counseling services for children go unanswered. A better system to help every child who calls is needed.