Oct 2, 2016

Government to seek Diet approval for deal to arm U.S. troops

The government is getting ready to ask the Diet to approve revisions to an agreement on logistics-sharing with the U.S. military, according to sources. The move comes after Tokyo and Washington signed the revised Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement, or ACSA, on Sept. 26. The ...

Apr 4, 2016

Japan SDF personnel nervous about arms use under new laws

Some Self-Defense Forces personnel have voiced worry and bewilderment over the expanded roles they will be called on to play under the security laws that came into force last week, particularly those that may involve the use of weapons. Under the controversial laws, the ...

Yasukuni recognition sought for fallen brother

Aug 2, 2015

Yasukuni recognition sought for fallen brother


Amid growing controversy over moves by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s administration toward allowing Japan to exercise the right to collective self-defense, an 88-year-old man wants people to know the story of his younger brother, who he says is the only Japanese man killed serving ...

Ex-Taiwan President Lee backs Abe's security bills

/ Jul 23, 2015

Ex-Taiwan President Lee backs Abe's security bills

Former Taiwan President Lee Teng-hui said Thursday he supports Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s security bills aimed at expanding the Self-Defense Forces’ operations overseas, calling it a step toward ensuring peace in Asia and the world. “I have a positive view about the security legislation ...