Top dissident spirited away for Obama's Vietnam visit

May 25, 2016

Top dissident spirited away for Obama's Vietnam visit

Vietnamese dissident Nguyen Quang A spent much of Tuesday as a tourist with plainclothes cops — eating fish noodle soup, visiting a temple and a fortune teller — returning home just as President Barack Obama took off from Hanoi aboard Air Force One. “It ...

May 23, 2016

China explores new ways to control video-streaming websites

Chinese authorities are exploring new ways of imposing controls on the Internet, state-run media cited experts as saying Monday, after reports said state-owned enterprises may be encouraged to take stakes in video-streaming websites. The communist country restricts access to foreign websites including Google, Facebook ...

May 16, 2016

Iran cracks down on Instagram modeling

Iran has arrested eight people for working in “un-Islamic” online modeling networks, particularly on Instagram, the head of Tehran’s cybercrimes court said on state television. The arrests were made under a 2-year-old sting operation named “Spider II,” targeting among others models who post photos ...

Forbidden fruit: China bans 'erotic' banana-eating live streams

May 8, 2016

Forbidden fruit: China bans 'erotic' banana-eating live streams


Bananas may be China’s new forbidden fruit — at least online. As part of the government’s crackdown on “inappropriate” content online, Chinese live-streaming video services have banned people from filming themselves while eating bananas “erotically,” state media has reported. New regulations mean hosts of ...

Apr 28, 2016

China prompts criticism with tough curbs on foreign NGOs

China’s parliament passed a controversial law governing foreign nongovernment organizations, the Xinhua News Agency said on Thursday, giving wide powers to the domestic security authority and prompting criticism from Amnesty International. The law is part of a raft of legislation, including China’s counterterrorism law ...