Apr 20, 2016

Japan plummets from 61st to 72nd in 2016 press freedom ranking

Japan came 72nd on the 2016 world press freedom list, sinking from 61st in the previous year’s 180-nation ranking, Reporters Without Borders announced Wednesday. The 11-spot slip reflects the implementation of the controversial state secrecy protection law stipulating penalties against leaks of government information ...

Apr 20, 2016

Press freedom has declined around the world, watchdog says

Media freedom around the world has suffered a “deep and disturbing decline” due to by pressure from governments and businesses, an international media watchdog said Wednesday. The Paris-based Reporters Without Borders said in an annual report that many of the world’s leaders have developed ...

Apr 11, 2016

China Internet regulator says Web censorship not a trade barrier

China’s online censorship system protects national security and does not discriminate against foreign companies, the country’s Internet regulator said, after the United States labeled the blocking of websites by Beijing a trade barrier. The U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) wrote in an annual report that ...

U.S. cites Chinese Internet filters as trade barrier

Apr 8, 2016

U.S. cites Chinese Internet filters as trade barrier

The American government has cited Chinese Internet controls as a trade barrier in a report that comes as Beijing tries to block its public from seeing news online about the finances of leaders’ families. Chinese filters, which block access to websites including the Google ...

Apr 2, 2016

China's tight control of speech

Chinese President Xi Jinping's stringent control of speech and media outlets could increase public frustration — a potential source of social instability.