Aug 30, 2015

15% of Tokyo high schoolers bullied on Internet, survey shows

Some 15 percent of 3,222 high school students in Tokyo have been insulted or had personal information leaked by others over the Internet, according to poll results recently released by the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education. “A growing number of children are using the ...

Public schooling is a two-way street

| Jul 1, 2015

Public schooling is a two-way street


Earlier this year, a reader wrote to The Japan Times in response to an education feature on schooling options for the children of non-Japanese parents. The reader wanted to know more, but the earlier feature was unfortunately curtailed by space. The questions he had ...

Mar 19, 2015

U.S. student fraternities under fire after bad behavior

Racist chants. Nude photos of unconscious women. A criminal investigation into hazing. Fraternities, as social groups of male college students are known at American universities, seem to be coming under fire as never before. Despite a major push to reduce drinking and sexual assault ...