Aug 15, 2014

Pilot's artificial arm detaches while landing

A British air accident report has recounted how a pilot briefly lost control of a passenger plane after his artificial arm became detached from the control yoke during landing. The report, published Thursday, said the incident took place as the Flybe flight from Birmingham, ...

Obama weighing options for rescuing Iraqi refugees

Aug 14, 2014

Obama weighing options for rescuing Iraqi refugees

President Barack Obama is considering a range of military options, including airlifts and creating safe passages, for rescuing thousands of Iraqi refugees trapped on a mountain, and is expected to make a decision in days, the White House said Wednesday. Deputy national security adviser ...

British public-sector workers stage major strike over pay and cuts

Jul 11, 2014

British public-sector workers stage major strike over pay and cuts

A major public-sector strike took place in Britain on Thursday, with hundreds of thousands of workers rallying against the government’s austerity-driven spending cuts and pay restraint measures. The strike involves a wide range of workers from teachers and civil servants to street sweepers and ...

Jul 9, 2014

British pair admit Syria terror charges

Two 22-year-old British men pled guilty to terrorism charges on Tuesday after returning from months spent in Syria. Childhood friends Mohammed Nahin Ahmed and Yusuf Zubair Sarwar admitted spending eight months in the war-torn country fighting alongside a group linked to al-Qaida. Their families ...

Oct 15, 2013

British police arrest four men under terror act

British police were questioning four men in their 20s on suspicion of terrorism Monday, a day after shooting at one of their cars near the Tower of London. Police said the four were arrested during a pre-planned, intelligence-led operation Sunday. They did not identify ...