/ Aug 18, 2016

New painkiller could replace morphine: study

Scientists on Wednesday unveiled a synthetic drug that appears to neutralize pain as effectively as morphine but without the side effects that make opioids so dangerous and addictive. The big-data methods used by the researchers also open up a promising avenue in drug innovation, ...

/ Jun 5, 2016

Precision medicine can widen cancer care options, studies find

Using a patient’s individual tumor biomarkers to determine the best treatment can improve success rates, studies showed Saturday. Unlike chemotherapy and radiation therapy, targeted medicine allows for the preservation of healthy cells. This approach, especially immunotherapy, which boosts the immune system to destroy tumor ...

Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA

/ Jun 3, 2016

Scientists propose project that includes making human DNA

Scientists proposed a long-term project Thursday that involves creating DNA blueprints for making human beings, a prospect some observers find troubling. The researchers said they have no intention of using these genomes — huge collections of genetic material — to make people. Instead, they ...