Apr 1, 2017

Container full of beer brewed in Maine ships out for Iceland

The Maine Beer Box, a shipping container with more than 50 taps built into its side, has been loaded on a freighter and is headed to Iceland as part of a goodwill initiative. The Portland Press Herald reports the beer box is the centerpiece ...

Foreign firms eye up Vietnam's state brewers

/ Oct 24, 2016

Foreign firms eye up Vietnam's state brewers

Sloshed back at rowdy open-air “bia hoi” day and night, beer is Vietnam’s tipple of choice and now its cash-strapped government is drawing on the nation’s penchant for lager to raise billions of dollars by selling stakes in state-owned brewers. The unprecedented divestments in ...

Aug 13, 2016

North Korea kicks off first beer festival

North Korea on Friday kicked off its first beer festival, in line with leader Kim Jong Un’s promise to improve living standards and build a “highly civilized nation” despite being under international sanctions for its pursuit of nuclear arms. The festival featuring Taedonggang beer, ...