May 21, 2014

LDP's new plan to beat deflation: more baseball

Can more baseball save Japan — or at least “Abenomics”? A set of recommendations to lift economic growth being studied by the ruling Liberal Democratic Party calls for increasing the number of pro baseball teams to 16 from 12. “Prosperous baseball teams could strengthen ...

Apr 29, 2014

NPB delivers new shipment of baseballs

Nippon Professional Baseball switched to a uniform baseball in line with Japanese pro baseball specifications Tuesday following a controversy over baseballs that had been livelier than the permissible limit. NPB officials were on hand at the six ballparks in the Central and Pacific leagues ...

Seniors can still make Koshien dream come true

Dec 23, 2013

Seniors can still make Koshien dream come true


Makoto Chogahara, 48, is making it possible for former high school baseball players to once again chase their dream of playing in Koshien Stadium, home of the national tournament. Chogahara, an associate professor at Kobe University’s Graduate School of Human Development and Environment, founded ...

Sep 8, 2013

Wrestling poised for return at 2020 Games: sources

Wrestling, which was dropped from the Olympics list of core sports in February, is all but guaranteed to regain its spot in the 2020 Summer Games, IOC sources said Saturday. Wrestling is competing against a combined baseball-softball bid and squash but is certain to ...