Jan 1, 2014

Bank of Japan likely to maintain easing policy, chief says

Bank of Japan Gov. Haruhiko Kuroda indicated the central bank will keep intact its current monetary easing policy in 2014 with prospects that the economy will continue to recover despite possible adverse impact from the consumption tax hike in April. In a recent interview, ...

Dec 31, 2013

Tokyo financial markets say they can withstand quakes

A powerful earthquake directly beneath central Tokyo could leave securities trading suspended, but only temporarily, according to a government panel looking into disaster preparations. While the Bank of Japan, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Japanese Bankers Association have business continuity plans in place ...

Oct 31, 2013

BOJ forgoes fresh easing steps as economy picks up

The Bank of Japan held off Thursday from launching fresh easing steps as the economy shows increasing signs that the Abe administration’s policy blitz aimed at reviving growth is gaining traction. The brief BOJ statement on its asset-buying scheme came as attention turned to ...

Sep 23, 2013

Monetary easing lifts land prices

It appears that the monetary easing pushed by the Abe administration through Bank of Japan's purchasing operations is gradually raising land prices in some urban areas.

Jul 16, 2013

Few feeling the economic recovery

The Bank of Japan on July 11 upgraded its assessment of the Japanese economy for the seventh straight month and said that it is “starting to recover moderately” on the strength of various economic indexes turning upward, including improving business sentiment and steady consumer ...

Jul 16, 2013

G-20 urged to discuss structural reforms

The Group of 20 top finance officials should address structural issues such as capital control in emerging economies in order to boost medium- and long-term global economic growth, according to former Bank of Japan Executive Director Eiji Hirano. While acknowledging that a scaling back ...

Jul 3, 2013

Business sentiment mixed

Japan's quarterly "tankan" survey shows mixed business sentiments. Small and medium-size firms so far don't seem to have benefited much from "Abenomics.

Jun 22, 2013

As Fed eyes QE exit, BOJ may need to up easing

While the U.S. Federal Reserve has offered a timetable for scaling back its quantitative easing regime, the Bank of Japan may face calls for additional easing, some observers say. Stock markets around the globe tumbled and U.S. Treasury yields surged after Fed Chairman Ben ...

May 9, 2013

Inflation goal kills BOJ flexibility

The Bank of Japan should not stick to its 2 percent inflation goal at the expense of flexibility in its monetary policy. The goal also could cause undesirable side effects.