Jun 5, 2015

India's blocking imports of U.S. poultry, eggs is unfair, WTO rules

The World Trade Organization has upheld a ruling that India is unfairly blocking imports of U.S. poultry and eggs. The Obama administration called the decision a major victory that should greatly expand export opportunities for American farmers. The ruling announced Thursday by the Geneva-based ...

Mystery of new bird flu virus still unsolved

May 9, 2015

Mystery of new bird flu virus still unsolved


It’s been five months since the H5N2 bird flu virus was discovered in the United States, and producers have lost 21 million birds in central states alone. Yet, researchers acknowledge they still know little about a bird flu virus that’s endangered turkey and egg-laying ...

Dec 13, 2014

Farm ministry on high alert for bird flu

The farm ministry is on high alert for bird flu amid multiple outbreaks around the world in 2014. Some 245 avian influenza cases have been confirmed in South Korea so far this year, and the same strain of the virus has spread in Europe, ...

| Apr 15, 2014

Farmers acted fast to fight latest outbreak

The avian influenza that struck a chicken farm in Kumamoto Prefecture was the first outbreak in Japan in three years and came as authorities were already on high alert about migrant birds after reports of the disease hitting South Korea since the beginning of ...

Bird flu spikes in China before Lunar New Year

Jan 23, 2014

Bird flu spikes in China before Lunar New Year

A spate of bird flu cases since the beginning of the year in China has experts watching closely while millions of people and poultry are on the move ahead of the Lunar New Year holiday, the world’s largest annual human migration. China has reported ...