Dec 8, 2016

Mars One puts back planned colonization of red planet

A British-Dutch company planning to install a community of humans on Mars admitted on Wednesday that its project will be delayed by several years. The Mars One consortium said its first manned mission to the red planet would now not happen until 2031, having ...

Nov 27, 2016

ExoMars space program needs an extra €400 million

Barely a month after its expensive test lander crashed into Mars, the European Space Agency asked member nations Friday to cough up an extra €400 million ($425 million) to complete the ExoMars exploration of the red planet. The two-part mission saw a spacecraft successfully ...

Art that moves beyond our world

Nov 8, 2016

Art that moves beyond our world


In the beginning, long before Netflix and Google Maps, our ancestors had only the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars to guide, dazzle and humble them. Naturally, as religions began to form, the first place to look was up, because surely that’s ...

In space, the threat of a new arms race looms

| Oct 16, 2016

In space, the threat of a new arms race looms

Killer satellites, blinding lasers, sophisticated jammers: the world’s military powers are quietly readying for a war in outer space — at the risk of fueling a dangerous new arms race. U.S. military officials have in recent years sounded growing alarm about the potential vulnerabilities ...