Jun 16, 2016

China blamed for ASEAN U-turn on South China Sea

Chinese pressure was blamed Thursday for a stunning diplomatic U-turn by Southeast Asian Nations that saw them retract a statement sounding alarm over Beijing’s island building in the South China Sea. The chaotic events at the end of a meeting of foreign ministers from ...

Jun 2, 2016

Japan's firms investing more in ASEAN, skipping China

Japanese investment in Southeast Asia continues to grow because of the region’s potential and low labor costs and amid simmering tensions that have reduced the appeal of China for some businesses. For a third straight year, in 2015 the amount of foreign direct investment ...

ASEAN's destructive elites

Mar 31, 2016

ASEAN's destructive elites


Just as India, Japan and the U.S. have been helping to shepherd Myanmar through its transition, they should take a more proactive role in saving Malaysia and Thailand from their elites' self-destructive behavior.