Dec 15, 2013

Could felling trees help cool the planet?

It is an article of faith that preserving trees is critical to cooling our warming planet. Millions of hectares of forest are wiped out every year, cut down to make room for agriculture and, increasingly, urban growth, mostly in developing nations. Such deforestation is ...

Canada, Russia on collision course over North Pole

Dec 6, 2013

Canada, Russia on collision course over North Pole

Canada is expected to apply to the United Nations on Friday to expand its Arctic sea boundary with an eye to claiming the North Pole, setting it on a collision course with Russia and Denmark. The already large claim, which according to a recent ...

Dec 5, 2013

Economic activity in Arctic 'new menace to polar bears'

Oil exploration and increased sea traffic in the Arctic are encroaching on the polar bear’s habitat, adding to the existing climate change risk, representatives of Arctic nations said at a Moscow conference Wednesday. “Today we face new challenges with the ship traffic increase and ...

Canada to claim North Pole: report

Dec 5, 2013

Canada to claim North Pole: report

Canada’s prime minister has ordered the inclusion of the North Pole in the country’s Arctic claim after it was excluded from a proposed U.N. submission, a newspaper reported Wednesday. Canada will still meet a Dec. 6 deadline for filing an application to the United ...

Nov 12, 2013

Tokyo ready for talks on Arctic with Nordic, Baltic nations

Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida on Monday expressed Tokyo’s readiness to closely communicate with Nordic and Baltic countries over its possible involvement in the development of the resource-rich Arctic. Japan shares with Norway, Estonia and six other European countries the “principles of using resources in ...

Jun 25, 2013

Melting ice brings continents closer

The town of Kirkenes in the northernmost portion of Norway used to be further away from Asia than virtually any other European port, but it suddenly seems a lot closer. The reason: global warming. Melting ice has opened up the Northern Sea Route along ...