Dreamliner strategy hit and miss for ANA

Oct 1, 2016

Dreamliner strategy hit and miss for ANA


All Nippon Airways Co. is aggressively strengthening international operations with the 787 Dreamliner, but its heavy reliance on Boeing Co.’s high-tech plane appears to be a double-edged sword. ANA adopted the Boeing 787 in 2011, becoming the first airline in the world to do ...

New 3,500-meter runway proposed for Narita International Airport

Sep 28, 2016

New 3,500-meter runway proposed for Narita International Airport

A public-private council is proposing that a 3,500-meter-long runway be added at Narita International Airport. The new runway was part of plans adopted at a meeting of the council Tuesday in the city of Chiba that brought together officials from the central government, Narita ...

Sep 26, 2016

Smoke alert aboard Philippine Airlines flight to Haneda

Smoke from an air vent forced a Philippine Airlines flight to Japan to turn back 20 minutes after takeoff on Monday, aviation officials said. “Apparently there was information that the pilot detected smoke in the cabin. So as part of safety measures, the pilot ...

Sep 21, 2016

ANA to use new coolant to ship fresh produce

All Nippon Airways Co. will begin shipping fresh meat and vegetables on long-haul flights using a coolant that keeps food products fresh for several days, according to company officials. The new service will allow clients in Japan to ship produce to Europe and the ...

Sep 7, 2016

Japan angling for treaty to obtain EU flight passenger records

The government plans to begin negotiations with the European Union to gain access to passenger records on flights bound for Japan as part of security efforts ahead of the 2020 Olympics. Currently, Japan receives passenger records from major airlines across the world, but has ...

Aug 28, 2016

European carriers aiming for superfast Wi-Fi aboard planes

Starting early next year, travelers on some Lufthansa flights in Europe will be able to surf the web using Wi-Fi that promises speeds and coverage that trounce existing offerings. The network, which will use Inmarsat PLC’s satellites and Deutsche Telekom AG towers on the ...

Narita airport saw customer traffic surge 9% during Bon

Aug 25, 2016

Narita airport saw customer traffic surge 9% during Bon

Passengers who used Narita International Airport during the Bon holidays rose 9 percent to 1,085,630 compared with the previous year, according to preliminary immigration data released Thursday. The growth reflected the increase chiefly caused by the new “Mountain Day” holiday on Aug. 11 and ...