Sep 25, 2015

Japan to provide ¥480 million in aid for Syrian refugee crisis

The Foreign Ministry said Friday that Japan will provide via international organizations approximately ¥480 million ($4 million) in emergency aid to Lebanon and some European countries affected by the influx of migrants and refugees. Some ¥240 million will go to Lebanon, which is hosting ...

Sep 21, 2015

No poverty, hunger in 15 years? U.N. sets sweeping new goals

A season of goal-setting begins this month as the United Nations launches a new 15-year plan to fight grinding world poverty, improve health and education and quell climate change. The Sustainable Development Goals are set for adoption by the 193 U.N. member states shortly ...

Sep 8, 2015

Japan to send ¥9 billion in flood aid to Myanmar

The government decided Tuesday to provide ¥9 billion to help Myanmar cope with damage caused by severe flooding and send a monitoring team for the Southeast Asian country’s general election in November. Of the total, ¥4 billion will be disbursed in grant aid to ...

Jul 28, 2015

Stepping up the war on poverty

The emphasis on Japan's national interests in aid policy raises doubts if the nation can make meaningful contributions to eradicating poverty in the recipient countries.

Jul 11, 2015

Japan pledges additional $12 million for fight against Ebola

Japan on Friday pledged $11.95 million in additional assistance to West African countries fighting Ebola. Of the total, $10.40 million is intended for food aid and $1.55 million is for technical assistance, Parliamentary Vice Foreign Minister Kazuyuki Nakane said at the International Ebola Recovery ...

Jun 29, 2015

Israeli navy peacefully intercepts Gaza-bound ship

Israel’s navy intercepted a vessel attempting to breach a naval blockade of Gaza early Monday and was redirecting it to an Israeli port, the military and activists on board the ship said. The military said that after exhausting all diplomatic efforts, the government ordered ...