Invasive Asian insect threatens U.S. citrus

| Aug 28, 2014

Invasive Asian insect threatens U.S. citrus

by Tamara Lush

Once, emerald-green trees bursting with citrus carpeted more than half of Florida, from the northern reaches of Jacksonville and the parks of Orlando to the Miami coastline. Oranges, especially, have long been synonymous with the magic of Florida. Advertisements tout orange juice as a ...

Aug 5, 2014

Tax hike keeps Japan's food self-sufficiency from slipping

Japan maintained a food self-sufficiency rate of 39 percent measured by calorific intake in fiscal 2013 for the fourth consecutive year, avoiding a decrease thanks to increased rice demand ahead of the consumption tax hike, farm ministry data showed Tuesday. The ministry said that ...

Jul 18, 2014

Wheat's genome is unveiled

As far as agricultural genome research goes, this may be the best thing since sliced bread — wheat bread, that is. An international team of scientists Thursday unveiled a genetic blueprint of wheat in an accomplishment that may help guide the breeding of varieties ...

Jul 18, 2014

Criminal charge recommended against Yingluck

An anti-corruption body on Thursday recommended criminal charges against Thailand’s ousted prime minister over her government’s rice subsidy program, which cost the country billions of dollars. National Anti-Corruption Commissioner Vicha Mahakun said the commission voted unanimously that former Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra committed dereliction ...