Sep 3, 2015

Wikipedia blocks accounts linked to paid edits

Wikipedia on Wednesday said it has blocked more than 300 accounts being used by people being paid to create or tweak entries at the communally sourced online encyclopedia. Weeks of investigation revealed 381 accounts being used at the English version of Wikipedia for “black ...

Smile! Brands banking on emoji advertising

Aug 9, 2015

Smile! Brands banking on emoji advertising

Everyone speaks emoji, and now advertisers do too. Catching on to the digital era’s cross-cultural language of choice, advertisers have learned to speak emoji in a world where promotional videos are ignored and ad banners are blocked. Tiny digital pizza and French fries icons, ...

May 24, 2015

As European antitrust case looms, has Google already peaked?

As Google faces an antitrust probe from European regulators, some analysts are questioning whether the California tech giant’s dominance has already peaked. While Google remains one of the world’s biggest companies, with overwhelming dominance of Internet search, its prospects are less rosy in a ...

Apr 19, 2015

In hunt to monetize, social networks slip in stealth advertising

The quandary for those who run social networks is how to monetize activity on them without antagonizing and thus losing users through distracting ads. The answer, for Twitter, YouTube and Instagram, is to slip in some stealthy ads camouflaged to look like posts from ...

Nov 21, 2014

Google tests replacing web ads with contributions

Google on Thursday began rolling out a way for people to support websites they frequent and, in return, be rewarded with ad-free pages. A “Google Contributor” experiment was introduced with a handful of partners including tech news website Mashable and satire site The Onion. ...

Nov 3, 2014

Brisbane airport bans climate ad aimed at G20 delegations

A bid by environmentalists to confront world leaders with a digital billboard highlighting climate change has been thwarted by Brisbane airport authorities who deemed the message too political. Brisbane Airport will be the Australian gateway for leaders of 20 economies when they gather in ...

Oct 18, 2014

Twitter to reconfigure users' timelines with 'relevant' messages

Twitter said Friday it will start reconfiguring its users’ timelines with “relevant” messages from people they haven’t bothered to follow at the service. Based on a positive response from its tests, the popular one-to-many messaging service is inching toward the Facebook model of using ...

'Anti-Facebook' social network Ello surges out of nowhere

Sep 28, 2014

'Anti-Facebook' social network Ello surges out of nowhere

In a matter of days, the new social network Ello, described as the “anti-Facebook” for its stand on privacy and advertising, has become perhaps the hottest ticket on the Internet. Created last year as a “private” social network, Ello recently opened its doors on ...

Indonesia cigarettes flout graphic ad law

Jun 25, 2014

Indonesia cigarettes flout graphic ad law

Tobacco companies largely ignored an Indonesian deadline to put graphic health warnings on all cigarette packs on sale, another setback for anti-smoking efforts in a country that has the world’s highest rate of male smokers and a “wild, Wild West” of advertising. Despite having ...