Japan's 2020 problem: life after the Olympics

Feb 10, 2016

Japan's 2020 problem: life after the Olympics


Japan is gearing up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with gusto, investing in everything from stadiums to electric cars, and expecting an economic bonanza from a construction frenzy and an influx of visitors. On the face of it, hosting the Olympics is a big ...

Feb 9, 2016

Yokohama Stadium option as 2020 Olympic venue: source

Yokohama Stadium has become a top candidate to host baseball in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, an official source said Monday. Baseball and softball, which have not been played at the Olympics since 2008, are among the sports that local organizers have nominated for the ...

Feb 1, 2016

Tokyo to boost hiring to better prepare for 2020 Olympics: NHK

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government has reportedly decided to increase how many people it will hire in fiscal 2016 to better prepare for the 2020 Olympic Games. The planned increase of 740 employees marks the largest rise in the Heisei Era, which started in 1989, ...

Jan 30, 2016

J-Village to serve as 2020 Olympic soccer training center

The men’s and women’s national soccer teams for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics will use the J-Village national soccer training center, currently serving as Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s forward base in dealing with the Fukushima nuclear crisis, as their training base, the Japan Football Association ...

Bolt considering running in 2020 Tokyo Games

Jan 26, 2016

Bolt considering running in 2020 Tokyo Games

Usain Bolt says he has considered the possibility of extending his remarkable sprinting career to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — but is targeting a history-making new world 200-meter record at this year’s Rio de Janeiro Games first. The Jamaican sprint star has repeatedly said ...

Jan 14, 2016

Japan eyes recycled medals for Tokyo Games

Tokyo 2020 organizers on Thursday advocated making their Olympic medals out of recycled metals in an effort to give an environmentally sustainable hue to the games. Members of a task force in charge of drawing up a “legacy plan” for the event are advocating ...