Murofushi named 2020 Tokyo Olympics sports director

Jun 24, 2014

Murofushi named 2020 Tokyo Olympics sports director

by Jim Armstrong

Former Olympic hammer-throw champion Koji Murofushi has been appointed sports director of the 2020 Tokyo Games. Fluent in English, the 39-year-old Murofushi was appointed Tuesday to the role which acts as a liaison between athletes, international sports federations and the organizing committee. “The most ...

Jun 19, 2014

IOC grants Japan broadcast rights for $1 billion through 2024

The IOC has awarded the Japanese broadcast rights for four Olympics through 2024 in a deal worth ¥110 billion ($1 billion). A consortium including NHK and the Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association secured the rights Thursday to the 2018 Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, ...

Jun 17, 2014

NPB aims to use Asia Series to showcase baseball to IOC

Nippon Professional Baseball secretary general Atsushi Ihara said Tuesday that this year’s Asia Series is a chance to show off baseball’s potential for the International Olympic Committee. Ihara revealed that the tournament pitting Asia’s national champions, will take place in Taiwan in November, just ...

USOC chief calls for changes in bid voting

| Jun 14, 2014

USOC chief calls for changes in bid voting

by Ed Odeven

Larry Probst, the United States Olympic Committee chairman, won’t win a popularity contest within the IOC anytime soon. Not after speaking his mind about the voting process to award Olympic cities. In an exclusive interview with Sports Business Journal late last month, Probst revealed ...

Which stadium is best for Tokyo 2020?

Jun 6, 2014

Which stadium is best for Tokyo 2020?

by Elaine Kurtenbach

As Tokyo prepares to demolish the half-century old stadium that hosted the first Olympics in Asia, debate is raging over whether the colossal, futuristic replacement planned for the 2020 Games will help revitalize the capital or indelibly mar it. Tokyo, the frenetic center of ...

May 30, 2014

Tokyo panel to boost transport system links

by Masaaki Kameda

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government set up a panel Friday to come up with a plan to improve coordination among the capital’s train, bus and subway systems. “(Tokyo) has a highly condensed and safe transportation system, unlike any other in the world. But each transportation ...

May 28, 2014

Tokyo to boost foreign-language signs, info ahead of 2020 Olympics

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is stepping up a joint project with the central government to add foreign languages to guide boards and other information sources for the 2020 Summer Games. Some 10.36 million people came to Japan from abroad in 2013, topping the government’s ...

Hotel Okura to rebuild main building for Olympics

May 23, 2014

Hotel Okura to rebuild main building for Olympics

Hotel Okura Co. said Friday it plans to start rebuilding the main building of its flagship hotel, Hotel Okura Tokyo, next year to upgrade its facilities and services so it can attract more foreign guests in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The hotel ...