Apr 13, 2015

Paris council clears way for 2024 Olympic bid

Paris took a decisive step toward a bid for the 2024 Olympics on Monday when the city council approved a resolution in favor of bringing the games back to the French capital for the first time in 100 years. The bid, which is expected ...

Olympic channel set to innovate, inspire

| Apr 4, 2015

Olympic channel set to innovate, inspire


The evolution of Olympic TV coverage mirrors technological changes that have transformed broadcast media — and society — over the past 50-plus years. Consider these facts: For the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, NBC devoted 45 minutes per day to on-air coverage, and 12 total hours ...

Apr 2, 2015

IOC reveals compensation figures for Bach, members

IOC president Thomas Bach will receive a total of €225,000 ($242,000) a year in compensation to cover the costs related to his job of leading the Olympic body. The figure was disclosed Thursday as the IOC released its “indemnity policy” covering the allowances and ...

JX signs on as latest sponsor for 2020 Olympics

Mar 18, 2015

JX signs on as latest sponsor for 2020 Olympics


JX Nippon Oil and Energy Corporation has become the sixth Gold Partner, or a top domestic sponsor, for the 2020 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Japan Olympic Committee announced on Wednesday. The contract term began Wednesday and will last until December 31, 2020. ...

Mar 17, 2015

Hamburg picked for 2024 Olympic bid

German Olympic officials selected Hamburg over Berlin on Monday to bid for the 2024 Olympics, adding a third international contender to what is shaping up as a high-profile field. The eight-member board of Germany’s national Olympic committee announced its recommendation after a day of ...

IOC stunned by death of French athletes in helicopter crash

Mar 10, 2015

IOC stunned by death of French athletes in helicopter crash

The IOC on Tuesday mourned the death of three French sports stars, including two Olympic medalists, in a helicopter accident during the filming of a reality show. Olympic swimming champion Camille Muffat, bronze medalist boxer Alexis Vastine and yachtswoman Florence Arthaud were among the ...

Mar 3, 2015

Fukushima makes Olympic pitch

Fukushima, stricken by one of the world’s worst-ever nuclear disasters in 2011, wants to host baseball and softball games at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — and hopes to convince athletes to eat the local food. The sports were dropped from the Olympic program after ...

Feb 27, 2015

Tokyo 2020 unveils overall plans

The Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympics and Paralympics Games on Friday submitted its Games Foundation Plan for the 2020 Tokyo Games to the IOC and released it to the public on its official website. The Game Foundation Plan for the Tokyo Games consists ...

Feb 26, 2015

Olympic TV plan gains momentum

Olympic officials say it’s the right time for a $600 million gamble. Concerned about an aging television audience for the games, the authorities are working on a channel aimed at young people. The proposal was first made in 1994 by Thomas Bach, who took ...

Repucom touts importance of Olympic sponsorship

Feb 23, 2015

Repucom touts importance of Olympic sponsorship


There’s no doubt sponsorships have played a huge role in helping the Olympic Games become the biggest sporting extravaganza in the world today. And when Tokyo hosts its second Summer Games in 2020, it will receive a substantial amount of financial backing from corporate ...