| Nov 7, 2012

Celebration routines out of control

by Dave Wiggins

Former longtime Japan resident Dave Wiggins, who was a sports columnist and television analyst in Tokyo, is now a sports writer based in Vero Beach, Florida. He will be contributing a bi-monthly column on the North American sports scene to The Japan Times beginning ...

Hirai's impact on swimmers profound

| Aug 1, 2012

Hirai's impact on swimmers profound

by Ed Odeven

Valentine’s Day is not associated with a passion for one’s job, but rather, you know, a different kind of affection. Nevertheless, a story published on Feb. 14 by the Asahi Shimbun highlighted Norimasa Hirai’s passion for his job and the guidance he has given ...

| Oct 8, 2010

Ichiro hampered by poor supporting cast

by Ed Odeven

It’s been suggested that Ichiro Suzuki cares about statistics — his stats — and really doesn’t care about winning. That’s news to me. Has there been a poll conducted to prove this is true? Is there clear evidence that a man who has had ...

| Mar 7, 2010

Olympic memories are priceless

by Ed Odeven

It was only fitting that hockey’s beloved icon lit the Olympic torch and Canada’s top current star scored the gold medal-clinching goal — in overtime, the proverbial icing on the cake — on the final day of the Vancouver Winter Games. Wayne Gretzky, known ...