| Aug 19, 2008

The busy sumo boys of summer

by Mark Buckton

While summer is a time of rest and relaxation for many, the men at the top rungs of the sumo ladder enjoy no such benefits — or at least it would appear. Since getting a few days of R&R following the Nagoya Basho that ...

| Jul 8, 2008

Pounds equal prizes

by Mark Buckton

There are several topics of note coming out of the upcoming Grand Sumo Tournament in Nagoya. One is the need for reflection on the tragedy of the young Tokitsukaze wrestler, Tokitaiza, who died ‘ter a severe beating before last year’s basho. The case against ...

| Jun 17, 2008

Sumo's future isn't in the U.S.

by Mark Buckton

Earlier this month, the Los Angeles Times carried a very brief article on the sport of sumo. Unfortunately, the LA Times’ editors didn’t associate the visit by the Japanese Sumo Association’s top-ranking fighters with sport, and relegated mention of the June 7-8 tournament to ...