| Jun 13, 2012

Heat should roll up Thunder in six

by Peter Vecsey

Which images grabbed or repelled you the most Saturday night as the bent and battered Ancient Men of the C’s farewell tour proved no endurance challenge to the Stones, and the Heat hopscotched to The Finals for the second straight season since LeBron James, ...

| May 30, 2012

Spurs-Thunder clash good as it gets

by Peter Vecsey

It doesn’t get more captivating than the invincible Spurs vs. the near-impregnable Thunder. Had the Bosh-less Heat not vividly reversed their 1-2 fade against the Pacers, the winner of this Sumo Series would be crowned champion and the Finals would be cheapened to a ...

| Apr 4, 2012

Knicks should keep Woodson as coach

by Peter Vecsey

As long as the Knicks make the playoffs and, you know what, even if they don’t due to injuries, Mike Woodson will be the team’s biggest winner this season. If this was an audition for an NBA head coaching job next year, he’s guaranteed ...

| Mar 28, 2012

Durant, Love friends from way back

by Peter Vecsey

Friday night’s 289-point delight, a double-overtime home theater Thunder conquest of the Timberwolves, stimulated trampled memory sprouts of the captivating conflicts between the Nuggets — Alex English, Dan Issel and Kiki Vandeweghe — and the Spurs —George Gervin, Artis Gilmore and Larry Kenon. All ...

| Mar 21, 2012

Zen Master has nothing to gain by coaching Knicks

by Peter Vecsey

You know me; I’m too professional, polite and reverential of the coaching profession to speculate about interim Mike Woodson’s successor while he still retains the Knicks’ (favorite) title . . . at least as long as he’s undefeated. Pressed by unfeeling editors, I had ...

| Mar 14, 2012

Love deserves consideration for MVP

by Peter Vecsey

When Kevin Love was in high-school, numerous people devalued his accomplishments, probably because he complied with gravity and didn’t quite qualify as a gymnast or a contortionist. His father, Stan, a five-year peripheral player for the Bullets, Lakers and ABA’s Spurs in the early ...

| Mar 7, 2012

Odom's presence crucial for Mavs

by Peter Vecsey

Time to check your Odom-eter: Anyone who purchased a ticket for Saturday night’s D-League tilt in scenic midtown Frisco, Texas, in the hopes of eyeballing Lamar Kardashian, his wife or a stray sister or two, wasted money. The out-of-service Maverick was ordered back to ...

| Feb 29, 2012

Howard plot thickens near deadline

by Peter Vecsey

Regardless of speculation and fabrication about additional destinations under consideration, Dwight Howard’s trade request remains unwavering. He is amenable to commit long-term with the Nets, Lakers, and Mavericks. That’s it, just those three teams. Nevertheless, lean and rest assured copious other suitors have contacted ...

| Feb 22, 2012

Smith's track record cause for concern

by Peter Vecsey

On a one-week assignment with the Nuggets last season in full anticipation of Carmelo Anthony exclusively spilling his guts to me about every aspect of his life and forthcoming destination, I accompanied the team on its charter to Phoenix. There was a shootaround the ...

| Feb 15, 2012

Nets squandered chance to draft Kobe

by Peter Vecsey

Kobe Bryant’s annual Garden variety visit last Friday triggered me to re-examine the draft of 1996. Many people have gone straight from high school to Hollywood and become overnight sensations . . . after countless years of dejection and rejection. Kobe actually morphed into ...

| Feb 8, 2012

Why didn't Lin get a chance earlier?

by Peter Vecsey

There they were in Boston on Friday night with an actual chance to silence the wolves, the lambs and the vultures and what did the Knicks do? Croaked from second-hand choke. Up a dozen against the recently exhumed Celtics, they were hosing their hosts ...