| Dec 26, 2012

Bulls keeping pace in East with Rose on mend

by Sam Smith

If the Chicago Bulls are this good without point guard Derrick Rose —not great, but good — then could they really be serious title contenders even this season? You’d, of course, have said no chance coming into the 2012-13 NBA season, and anytime in ...

| Dec 12, 2012

Knicks may live up to hype this time

by Sam Smith

There’s an old question you hear around the NBA sometimes. It goes like this: What’s the definition of a dynasty? Answer: When a family in China governs for hundreds of years. Or when a New York sports team wins three games in a row. ...

| Nov 28, 2012

Cerebral Paul a true renaissance man

by Sam Smith

You don’t hear much profound in sports locker room these days, even about sports. You hear about “rhythm,” and “momentum” and playing them “one at a time.” So it was a delight to listen to Chris Paul the other day. The Los Angeles Clippers ...

| Nov 14, 2012

Brown wasn't only problem for Lakers

by Sam Smith

Sam Smith covered the Chicago Bulls for the Chicago Tribune for nearly 25 years, including all six of the team’s NBA titles with Michael Jordan. He is the author of the best-selling book “The Jordan Rules” and now writes for bulls.com. He was honored ...

| Jun 27, 2012

Florida media get it wrong on LeBron

by Peter Vecsey

So, as I’m waiting to flotilla out of Florida, I felt compelled to support the newspaper industry by purchasing some of the local periodicals to get their take on what I had just seen. Not surprisingly, I guess, nearly every editorial “celebrated” the launching ...

| Jun 20, 2012

How Jordan kept Isiah off Dream Team

by Peter Vecsey

Ironic how last Thursday was Flag Day and here we are, draped in drool over the 20th anniversary of the narcissistic 1992 Dream Team. Like loyal reader Lawrence Bentley of Plano, Texas, I am proud to say I have never seen that supercilious squadron ...

| Jun 13, 2012

Heat should roll up Thunder in six

by Peter Vecsey

Which images grabbed or repelled you the most Saturday night as the bent and battered Ancient Men of the C’s farewell tour proved no endurance challenge to the Stones, and the Heat hopscotched to The Finals for the second straight season since LeBron James, ...

| May 30, 2012

Spurs-Thunder clash good as it gets

by Peter Vecsey

It doesn’t get more captivating than the invincible Spurs vs. the near-impregnable Thunder. Had the Bosh-less Heat not vividly reversed their 1-2 fade against the Pacers, the winner of this Sumo Series would be crowned champion and the Finals would be cheapened to a ...

| Apr 4, 2012

Knicks should keep Woodson as coach

by Peter Vecsey

As long as the Knicks make the playoffs and, you know what, even if they don’t due to injuries, Mike Woodson will be the team’s biggest winner this season. If this was an audition for an NBA head coaching job next year, he’s guaranteed ...

| Mar 28, 2012

Durant, Love friends from way back

by Peter Vecsey

Friday night’s 289-point delight, a double-overtime home theater Thunder conquest of the Timberwolves, stimulated trampled memory sprouts of the captivating conflicts between the Nuggets — Alex English, Dan Issel and Kiki Vandeweghe — and the Spurs —George Gervin, Artis Gilmore and Larry Kenon. All ...