| Jan 7, 2014

Love of the game: Bynum never seemed to have it

by Sam Smith

There’s considerable freedom in the United States these days. It truly was the first modern democracy where, at least in theory, citizens could choose to become anything they wanted. Unless, of course, you are very tall. Because if you are very tall and don’t ...

| Dec 10, 2013

Kidd being made scapegoat for King's incompetence

by Sam Smith

Brooklyn Nets general manager Billy King is a genius. Perhaps it doesn’t suggest so the way he’s just about destroyed the franchise. The Nets went into this past weekend, before beating Milwaukee on Saturday, with a 5-14 record after a pair of embarrassing blowout ...

| Nov 12, 2013

Bird has Pacers on track to win now

by Sam Smith

Larry Bird knew it was going to be a tough sell. After all, how do you sell what appears to be a car with no wheels to someone hitchhiking? The Indiana Pacers franchise, though basically well run and moderately successful since coming from the ...

| Jul 9, 2013

Can Stevens repeat success in NBA?

by Sam Smith

We know this just isn’t supposed to work, the young executive-looking Brad Stevens, the 36-year-old coach at modest Butler University in Indiana, signing an almost unprecedented six-year contract to coach one of American sports’ most celebrated franchises, the Boston Celtics. You can almost hear ...

| Jun 26, 2013

Move by Rivers once unimaginable

by Sam Smith

Duck, duck your head! Pigs are flying! They have to be. The Clippers, the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, the team that has been an NBA punch line for ineptitude, incompetence and penury for three decades, agreed to hire the league’s most in-demand ...

| May 29, 2013

Paul caused Del Negro's departure

by Sam Smith

The Los Angeles Clippers in 2012-13 had the best season in their franchise history, including their times in Buffalo and San Diego. They won a franchise-most 56 games, including 17 straight that was the best in the NBA in four years until the Heat ...

| May 15, 2013

Stern in tough spot regarding Kings

by Sam Smith

They have called David Stern “King David” around the NBA at times, though quietly when he was nearby. It’s been a successful reign for Stern, who said he will step down next February as commissioner. But Stern may need the wisdom of King Solomon ...

| May 1, 2013

Woodson beating odds with Knicks

by Sam Smith

Mike Woodson likes to tell the story of how he first got into NBA coaching, which was something of a symbol for his basketball life. Woodson had finished up a solid, if unspectacular, playing career with a half dozen teams after being drafted by ...

| Apr 17, 2013

Kobe's greatness won't let him quit

by Sam Smith

Well, at least we know Kobe Bryant isn’t retiring. One of the underlying stories of this NBA season — and, of course, it had to involve the Los Angeles Lakers, as almost everything did — was Bryant saying how with the final season of ...