Fukushima makes Olympic pitch


Fukushima, stricken by one of the world’s worst-ever nuclear disasters in 2011, wants to host baseball and softball games at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics — and hopes to convince athletes to eat the local food.

The sports were dropped from the Olympic program after 2008 but are tipped to be voted back in by the IOC next year, given their popularity in Japan.

“If baseball and softball return to the Olympics, and preliminary games are played outside Tokyo, then we hope to be able to stage games,” Fukushima city official Hiroaki Kuwajima told AFP.

“We are still in the process of recovery from the disaster and it would be a dream to have world-class athletes play here.”

The official, from the city’s planning management division, claimed that the area has been the victim of what he described as “harmful rumors” over the triple meltdown at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant triggered by the deadly tsunami in March 2011.

“Fukushima has suffered a lot of financial damage caused by misinformation,” he said. “We would like to be able to sweep away those harmful rumors. Fukushima has venues capable of hosting these games.”

Fukushima Prefecture, situated 240 km north of Tokyo, is also keen on holding Olympic training camps and wants overseas athletes and fans to eat locally produced food, despite concerns over radiation levels. Fukushima City is just 60 km away from the crippled nuclear reactors.

  • igrandunifier

    You Nuke-Numbed-Nuts of Japan. best get your head out of your a%6…

  • igrandunifier

    You need to put your PM Abe n those nuke-corrupted politician on trial for “Crime against humanity” in irradiating the whole world just to make profit on your nuke-power sales!!!

  • igrandunifier

    Japan can do much better with renewables like wind n solar. You don’t need nuclear power, none at all!

    • Atoms4Peace1

      Renewables presumes a decentralized society which is not possible for modern urban areas of 10-20 million people. They would have to return to the days of the Shogun, which does not compete with regional industrial powers such as So. Korea,and China. Tokyo is not Manila.

  • Atoms4Peace1

    These people that spin adverse radiation effects when no causality has been scientically validated (unless they trudge out their Busby-Caldicott junk science) are just grasping at straws. For them, seeing normalcy of sorts desired from Fukushima residents shows how out of touch they are with reality. Fukushima like other industrial sites in the tsunami’s wake was destroyed, no question about it. But for these detractors to continue to beat their chests claiming for the preverbial head of nuclear energy on a stick, shows that they have not come to grips with the fact that the radiological consequences of the incident of 311 has been wildly exaggerated on their part. They show their continued ignorance of low low radiation effects in the area, lower than a standard deviation from high natural background areas world wide, without causality for suspected excess cancer rates. These radiophobes don’t wince as they chain smoke and constantly use their unshielded cell phones with impunity while waiting to board their first class transpacific flights to Japan. We can blame the faulty the phone game as their lies and falsehoods permeate fear sites such as ENEnews, the harbinger of antinuclear misinformation and its acolytes.